What Is Your Vision?

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

James 1: 12


Here is the question for us from this verse; are we farsighted or nearsighted?  Those who are farsighted see distant things much clearer than near things.  Those who are nearsighted see what is near much better than what is far.  How does this apply to this verse? 


Quite simply this is an encouragement to remain faithful to Christ even when it is hard.  It is an encouragement to look beyond the trial that is near to the reward that is ahead.  It is a call to remain faithful when the road is difficult and the storms are beating against you. 


James has already told us we will face trials that test our faith as believers, so it isn’t a matter of if we will be tested, but rather a matter of how we perform when our faith is tested.  God allows trials in our life as a chance for us to demonstrate our faith.  It isn’t enough to tell a teacher you know certain information, you must be tested on it so that you can prove it.  When we stand firm and don’t fall away in face of trials, we are proving we have faith in God and His promises.  In other words we are showing that we are farsighted.  The farsighted stand firm knowing that the joy of the reward exceeds the pain of the trial.


Great athletes are farsighted.  They look beyond the struggle of daily workouts and sacrifice because they have in their view the victor’s crown.  They know and are assured that their diligence and faithfulness will result in reward in the future. 


How about us?  Have we been born again into a farsighted vision or are we among the nearsighted who give up because it is too difficult or it is unfair.  Blessed is the man who can see that God will reward those who stand firm till the end with eternal life in Christ.  We may not experience the reward during the trial, but we have the vision to see far enough ahead to know that God, who promises, will give what He promises. 


What’s your vision?  Let’s pray together we will all have a farsighted 20/20.



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